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Advantages and disadvantages of cnc machining center

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     With the continuous advancement of science and technology, more and more production and processing enterprises tend to be intelligent. For example, CNC machining enterprises, many large mold processing enterprises are using CNC machining centers, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining? ? Take a look. Let's first discuss the advantages of CNC machining centers:


1. When machining parts are replaced, usually only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save production preparation time.


2. Mass production, product quality is easy to control, adaptable and flexible.

The CNC machining center can easily realize multiple different processing procedures such as drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, tapping, milling, and grooving of box parts, so the contour shape can be particularly complicated. Or parts whose size is difficult to control, such as fan blades, automobile engine boxes, and other parts. It can process complex curve parts and very complicated three-dimensional space surface parts.


3. The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity and can choose moderate processing volume and high yield (usually 3-5 times of ordinary machine tools).

The use of cnc machining center can not only save the work of marking and intermediate inspection but also because of its automatic tool change function, usually it can also save complex tooling, reducing the installation and adjustment of processing parts and multiple tool adjustments. Complicated and tedious work. The machining center can select good process lines and cutting parameters, effectively reducing the auxiliary time in processing, thereby improving production efficiency.


4. Multi-coordinate linkage can be realized, and parts with irregular shapes can be processed.


5. High processing precision and high processing quality.

The automatic tool change function of the machining center can effectively reduce the number of clamping times of the workpiece, reduce or eliminate the positioning error caused by multiple clamping, and improve the machining accuracy. When the position accuracy of each part of the part is required to be high, the automatic tool change function of the machining center can be very convenient and effective to reduce positioning and tool setting errors. It can complete the adjustment of each part in the process of one clamping and one-time tool setting. Processing ensures the position accuracy requirements of each processing part.

6.The machine tool has a high degree of automation, which can reduce labor intensity and improve enterprise production efficiency.

The CNC machining center integrates the functions of a variety of equipment such as milling machines, drilling machines, and tapping machines. It can reduce the number of machine tools in the enterprise. Because one person can operate multiple machining centers at the same time, it reduces the number of operators and reduces labor costs. In addition, it has CNC Machining Center. It is also a concrete manifestation of the strength of an enterprise, which will lead to more business increase, mass production of products, and improvement of processing efficiency, thereby improving economic benefits.

     The above six points are the advantages of CNC machining centers. Because of this, many processing companies recognize this type of CNC equipment. Although there are a lot of cnc machining centers, in the machinery industry, no matter what kind of equipment has certain shortcomings, what are the shortcomings of cnc machining centers?

     Companies that use cnc machining centers know that it is expensive and requires high-level maintenance technicians. There is also a very high requirement for the rigidity of the fixtures for the cnc machining center, and the rigidity and precision retention of the machining center itself; machining center technology It is complicated, with high requirements for use, maintenance, and management; the machining center has a large one-time investment and needs to be equipped with other auxiliary devices, such as a CNC tool system.

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