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Basic information of CNC machining

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        Many people have heard of CNC machining, but they don't know much about it. What is CNC machining? What is the structure of the machining center?

   The CNC machining center is a single-column fixed structure with a movable worktable. It is mainly composed of a bed, column, horizontal sliding table, worktable, spindle, screw rod, wire rail, lubrication system, cooling system, numerical control operation panel, and electronic control system.

CNC machining is also called numerical control machining, which refers to processing with numerical control processing tools. Because CNC machining is controlled by a computer after programming. Therefore, CNC machining has the advantages of stable machining quality, high machining accuracy, high repeatability, complex profile machining, and high machining efficiency. So how can we improve the efficiency of CNC machining? Many times we will encounter the problem of low CNC machining efficiency, so what causes the low CNC machining efficiency?

Generally speaking, the factors that affect CNC machining efficiency include equipment failure, production management, process technology, CNC tools, personnel skills, and product structure. What are the specific reasons for product structure to affect processing efficiency?

(1) The specifications, sizes, and structures of various parts are very different, and the versatility of process equipment such as machine tools and tools is not high.

(2) Many companies are usually faced with production tasks of multiple varieties, small batches, and short production cycles, so the processing system is required to have a higher response speed.

(3) The structure of the product parts is complex and the processing is difficult.

(4) Thin wall, easy to produce deformation. There are a large number of thin-walled, deep cavity structures, which are typical weak rigid structures.

(5) It is difficult to select tools and cutting parameters. Since the development of the tool industry cannot keep up with the development and application of new materials, it lacks the support of machining and cutting databases.

So how to improve the efficiency of CNC machining? Generally speaking, the methods to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools are:

One, change the understanding of CNC technology

The numerical control technology is comprehensive. In addition to CNC machine tools, there must be corresponding supporting technology and personnel support. Especially in the CNC machining process, people play a decisive role. Managers, engineering technicians, engineering maintenance personnel, and operators The technical ability of the user will affect the production efficiency of CNC machine tools.

2. Develop effective tool management measures

For example, pre-adjust the tool to reduce the installation and adjustment time of the tool on the machine tool, and manage the tool through the management system to reduce errors caused by manual management.

3. Tooling and fixture management

Since the selection of fixtures is directly related to the installation time and measurement time of the workpiece, the management of fixtures should be realized.

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