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Briefly introduce you to high precision CNC machining.

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People who don't know the CNC industry may not know the various technologies inside. This article will introduce you to high precision CNC machining.


In our CNC turning & milling industry, high precision CNC machining is one of the most advanced and most expensive machining methods. The service targets are generally some high-tech industries. The tolerances of these parts are required to be guaranteed at the micron level. There are even tolerances to ensure super high precision CNC machining at the sub-micron level. It is an extraordinary challenge, and those who can do this job are generally experienced engineers and high-precision equipment. The strict requirements ensure the quality of the products and are also the reason for the high prices.


At the same time, these products go through countless inspections before delivery. In addition to the appearance and size inspection, we will also send the product for ultrasonic and X-ray inspection. To ensure that the internal structure of the product is complete and there is no hidden damage.


The above are high-precision CNC machining. If you are interested in this, please get in touch with us, and we will reply to you in time. We are professional CNC manufacturing companies, ready to provide you with the most professional services.

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