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CNC machine aluminum you don't know

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Maybe many customers know that we can use CNC machining turningto process aluminum alloy products. However, we should make samples before processing. It is usually processed and produced by CNC machining milling. Because precision CNC milling has the characteristics of high precision, we can control even the tolerance of the sample very accurately. We can often control the tolerance of samples within 0.01mm.

The commonly used material is 6061, with excellent comprehensive properties. The aluminum alloy of this material has the advantages of a lightweight, low density, and high strength. It can meet the needs of most samples. Precision CNC milling has the advantages of high precision and high efficiency. It is especially suitable for large quantities of orders.

Suppose you need CNC machine aluminum. You are welcome to contact us. We are a professional CNC milling company. We are committed to providing you with the best precision CNC milling service.

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