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Custom CNC Milling Process

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YeXin is a professional CNC milling company in China, YeXin will teach you to understand the CNC milling process.

Depending on various factors, some milling machines will be more suitable than others. The complexity of the custom CNC milling process will depend on the final part design. The more important a part or product is in structure, the higher the end, and the more complex the design may need to be. For example, for complex designs that require high precision, such as medical components or aerospace components, more complex machines may be required. This is to achieve the final design, finish and aesthetics. Basic parts machined for more general purposes may not require such high precision or high-quality finish. Complex and complex designs require additional milling. Milling machines usually use 3, 4 or 5 axes.

For simpler designs, a smaller number of shafts are required to achieve the final design. The cutting tool is connected to a spindle working on 3 linear axes. Generally speaking, simple geometric shapes can use a 3-axis milling machine. The 3-axis machine tool is easy to program and operate, achieving excellent accuracy at low cost. The cutting tool in question can rotate at thousands of RPM, which means that even the strongest materials can be cut easily and accurately.

Three-axis machine tools are the most common type of milling machine, which can cut perpendicular (Z-axis) and X and Y directions. However, it is generally not possible to use a 3-axis milling machine to machine undercuts (features that cannot be machined with standard end mills). Therefore, more complex designs may require more complex milling machines.

A 4-axis milling machine is more complex and has the additional ability to rotate on the X axis (similar to a lathe).

The 5-axis milling machine includes X-axis and Y-axis rotation. They are the most complete milling machines, suitable for highly complex designs such as medical equipment and implants in the medical industry, impellers and aerospace structures.

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