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Is a CNC milling machine a CNC lathe and what is the difference between them?

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Many people don't know much about CNC milling machines and CNC lathes, are they the same? Obviously not, CNC means the name means numerical control, and CNC milling machine is the CNC milling machine. The difference between a lathe and a milling machine is that the lathe is a circular rotating motion of the parts, and the knife is fixed. The milling machine is a fixed part, and the tool rotates. Personally, I think that the lathe is more widely used. First, because the current CNC can process the round face, the radian, the groove, the tapping, etc., it has replaced the milling machine in some aspects. The turning lathe is the workpiece rotation, and the milling machine is the tool rotation. . The CNC milling machine is what you call the CNC machining center. The control method is still CNC. Compared with the usual CNC lathe, its function is more powerful. It integrates the milling function on the basis of the CNC lathe, and the programming code is increased. Type B macro programming. CNC milling machines have at least 3 axes (XYZ, etc., most of them are 5 axes), while general CNC lathes have only 2 axes (ie X, Z). Generally speaking, a lathe is more difficult than a milling machine. If it is a CNC lathe, it will be easier to master than a milling machine. Technically speaking, the requirements of the lathe are higher, and the money will depend on what parts are connected. There is a direct relationship between the wages and the parts. In the case of CNC, of course, the lathe is more technical. The mechanics know that the lathe is the mother machine of all machine tools. The general CNC lathe has only two servo axes, while the CNC milling has at least three. If it is a machine tool, the milling machine is generally more expensive, and it is used more in more complex processing. Generally, the lathe can only process the rotating body, and there are requirements for the parts. If it is an operation, it is almost the same. The two are the same. As long as the system is the same, they will basically be used. Now the operation panel is standard, and the current CNC technology can automatically generate codes. If it is a craft, it is no problem to master some modeling software such as UG and their automatic code generation.

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