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  • Advantages of Aluminum Parts in Shipbuilding


    Dry cargo ships have been affected by new design trends that emphasize a need for lower topside weight. Heavier cargo handling gear and related machinery, and more narrow, hydrodynamically contoured, high-speed hulls have increased stability problems. Thus, weight saving is required to permit more e Read More

  • Brass Parts compared to other metals


    Because elemental copper exists in nature, people first started pounding it into coins and cutlery millennia ago. Today, it’s an ingredient in more than 570 different metallic alloys, of which cartridge brass is one. Tellurium copper, nickel copper, bronze, gunmetal, aluminum, and steel alloys—the l Read More

  • Physical Properties of Brass Parts


    This alloy is non-magnetic, easy to cast, and usually doesn’t require surface finishing. It has a low coefficient of friction, low melting point, good malleability, and high corrosion resistance.On many periodic tables, a jagged black line (see figure below) along the right side of the table separat Read More

  • What are the characteristics of Brass Parts


    Brass, bronze, and copper are weldable in their respective domains. These metals enable joining with silicon bronze welding, MIG equipment, or other techniques. Oxygen-free copper is usually more easily welded. The same is the case for deoxidized copper. MIG and TIG are the most popular techniques f Read More

  • Machining Steel CNC Parts


    However, it is not quite a 5-axis mill because the fourth and fifth axes do not move during machining operations to Machining Steel CNC Machining Parts. Adding servomotors to the additional axes, plus the computerized control for them – the CNC part –would make it one. Such a machine capable of enti Read More

  • Is Brass CNC Machining Parts any good?


    Working with the right tools, equipment, parameters, and conditions can improve the efficiency of high-speed brass cutting. – Using carbide cutting tools or cutters with carbide inserts will improve the material removal rate and extend the tool life, allowing mills to run at a higher speed. – Spind Read More

  • How do I customize CNC turning parts

    2022-06-09 has cooperated with many companies in the United States, Germany, and Canada for up to 10 years. Fast DMF assessment, and efficient service, is the beginning of our cooperation.A leader in high precision machining, we offer high-quality manufacturing services focusing on product consi Read More

  • Frequently Asked Questions about CNC Machining


    CNC Machining is a common problemHow does CNC machining work?CNC machining uses subtractive processes, which means feedstock is machined to its final form by subtracting and removing material. Holes are drilled, lots and pathways are bored, and metal stock is shaped into new material with varying ta Read More

  • What can high precision CNC machining be used for


    What can high precision CNC machining be used for At noon in the previous article, we introduced the characteristics of high precision CNC machining. And the reason why the price of this technology is higher than other CNC turning & milling. Some customers may have questions about what industries th Read More

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