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Precautions for CNC machining (1)

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Many people have heard of CNC machining, but not many people understand this technology. Those who know what CNC machining needs to pay attention to are only professional practitioners. As a CNC machining china factory, we will introduce what you need to pay attention to in CNC machining from a professionals' perspective.

Inside the CNC machining center, a vast wheel is used to install all kinds of different tools; these tools have different processing purposes. The worker must check whether the position of the tool is the same as the tool position reserved by the program before starting processing. The operator must check the type of the tool and check whether the size and length of the tool meet the specifications. When there are tool problems or malfunctions in processing, the operator must stop the machine in time. If the machine cannot stop immediately, the operator should also reduce the feed speed to 0. The operator must fix the position of the workpiece before the start of processing to avoid workpiece offset or damage to the tool. Every CNC machining center is equipped with a safety door, which should be closed during processing. It prevents the coolant from splashing outside the machine table and prevents metal chips and debris from ejecting. During the processing, an operator needs to observe the operation of the machine nearby. If the operator leaves halfway, it needs to suspend the operation of the machine or arrange for other personnel to take over the lathe.

The above are some of the operations that need to be paid attention to in CNC machining. China CNC milling machine has gradually occupied most of the global CNC machining market. If you need to process the CNC custom part, you can get in touch with us. We will continue to update CNC-related industry news in the future.

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