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Research on Key Links of CNC Machining Quality Control

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    The CNC machining quality control process is mainly divided into five key links, namely the design link of the CNC machining plan, the programming link, the simulation check link, the application link of the CNC machining quality control methods and tools, and the establishment of the CNC machining technical team. The following is an in-depth study of these five key links.


1.CNC machining plan design

   The design link of the CNC machining plant mainly includes the following content. First, determine the type, size, model and other content of the parts to be processed by the data, and generate the parts and components. At the same time, the manufacturability of the CNC machining is analyzed and the CNC machining is determined. Process route, then clarify the content of each process of CNC machining and finally select the CNC parameters and machining tools. Compared with ordinary machine tool processing, CNC machining is similar in design principle, but the control method of CNC machining is different, it has a higher degree of automation, and the cost of CNC equipment is also higher. Therefore, it needs to be more rigorous in process design, the design content should be more specific, and it needs to have strong adaptability.


2.Programming during CNC machining

   In CNC machining, the programming of the program is also a key link. The instruction code in the program directly affects the output results, and has a key impact on the processing quality of parts. When compiling the program, you should ensure that the mathematical model used in the processing of the parts is accurate, and the coordinate system should be accurately defined. At the same time, the attribute parameters, tool points, and safety plans in the CNC machine should be the correct setting. In addition, each process and processing sequence in the processing plan must be reasonably arranged, and the tool type, tool path, and cutting amount must be correctly selected. The use of instruction letters must be able to accurately describe the grammatical format in the CNC system of the machine tool. When selecting cutting parameters, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the cutting characteristics of the tool itself, the processing characteristics of the material of the part itself, the machining allowance of the part, and the cutting characteristics of the machine tool. Finally, in the CNC machining process, it is necessary to ensure that the tool processing path of the parts does not occur over-cutting, interference, collision, and other phenomena.


3. Simulation check link

    Simulation check is also a key link in the quality control of CNC machining. The content of the simulation check mainly includes two parts: physical simulation and geometric simulation. In terms of physical simulation, people mainly conduct simulation analysis on the physical phenomenon produced during CNC machining to check whether the physical phenomenon is reasonable. In terms of geometric simulation, you can use virtual reality technology or three-dimensional display technology to perform realistic geometric simulation of the entire process of CNC machining, to check whether the machine tool in the CNC program will cause geometric interference or collision problems, and the tool Check whether the running track is correct or not. It can be said that the simulation inspection link is an important guarantee to ensure the safety and accuracy of CNC machining. This link can effectively avoid the occurrence of various problems in the machining process so that the CNC machining becomes more scientific, efficient, and reasonable.


4. CNC machining quality control methods and tools

    In the application of CNC machining quality control methods and tools, people should implement quality planning according to the quality control system and its processing flow, determine the quality control points and index characteristic values in each process and then conduct actual investigations on the capabilities of each process. Analyze and determine the relevant factors that affect the development of the process. Then, prepare quality control documents such as process management points and quality tables to dynamically collect the quality indicators in the data processing process in real-time, so that the quality control method can sort, analyze and evaluate these quality indicator data. Finally, conclude, and implement intervention control on the leading factors affecting quality in the actual CNC machining process, so that the quality control goal can be finally realized.

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