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Selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters in CNC milling (3)

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Part 2: The key technology of CNC machining and high-speed cutting

2.1 High-speed cutting tool technology module In the high-speed cutting process system composed of machine tools, tools, and workpieces, tools are the most critical element. Cutting tools are one of the most critical technologies to ensure the smooth progress of high-speed machining. With the substantial advancement of cutting speed, cutting tool data, finite parameters, tool body structure, etc., are all different from the requirements of traditional speed cutting. High-speed cutting tool data and tool manufacturing technology have undergone drastic changes; high-speed cutting When processing, it is necessary to ensure high productivity and processing accuracy and ensure safety and reliability. However, the tool system for high-speed cutting must be satisfied with a good geometry accuracy and high clamping repeat positioning accuracy, and the clamping is rigid.

Speed, good balance, and safety when working at high speed. Reduce the quality of the tool body as much as possible to reduce the centrifugal force encountered during high-speed rotation, satisfy the safety requirements of high-speed cutting, and improve the clamping method of the tool. The technical research and development of the tool system are critical missions of CNC high-speed cutting.

2.2 CNC high-speed cutting technology

As a new cutting method, high-speed cutting needs to be applied to practical production. There is no practical application example for reference, and there is no helpful cutting parameter and processing parameter database. The optimization of technical parameters of high-speed processing is one of the critical technologies that restricted its application at that time. One. In addition, the NC program request for high-speed cutting parts is necessary to ensure that the load is stable during the entire cutting process. However, most of the active programming functions in the CNC software used today are not satisfied with this request. The demand is compensated and optimized by manual programming. This reduces the value of high-speed cutting to a certain extent. It is necessary to study and select a new programming method to make the cutting data suitable for the power characteristic curve of the high-speed spindle and give full play to the advantages of CNC high-speed cutting.

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