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Selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters in CNC milling (4)

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Part 3: Selection of CNC Tools

3.1 Select the tool according to the processing stage of the part

That is to say, the primary purpose of the rough machining is to remove the margin, and we should select the tool with better rigidity and lower precision. During the semi-finishing and finishing machining, we should ensure the parts' machining accuracy and product quality. We should select high durability and high precision. The tool used during roughing has the lowest accuracy for the high tool, and the tool used during finishing has the highest accuracy. If you choose the same kind of tools for roughing and finishing, choosing the tools selected for finishing during roughing is recommended. Since the wear of the selected tools for finishing is mostly the slight wear of the blade, the coating is worn and polished. Continued use will affect the finishing. The quality of processing, but the impact on rough processing is small.

3.2 NC program writing

The NC program is the code that drives the NC machine tool. The program code is also different due to different systems. The commonly used systems in our country are FANUC and Siemens. Because the efficiency of manual programming is too low, we cannot program even some parts of the curved surface manually. Plants in coastal areas use computer software more for programming. The current joint programming software includes UGNX, CATIA, CIMATRON, MASTERCAM, POWERMILL, CAXA, and other tools; this software has its characteristics MASTERCAM easy to learn, CATIA powerful, and POWERMILL high efficiency. Programmers can choose according to their preferences, specialties, and majors. It is best for young people who have just started work to choose MASTERCAM, which is easy to learn. It is said that young people who have no foundation can not.

-You can learn well within a month. Of course, I recommend using CATIA. CATIA can not only program but also product design, and the software developer is Daying Aircraft, which has a relatively strong industrial background. However, learning this software is very distressing, and not everyone can learn it well. Currently, UGNX in Guangdong, China, is used by many enterprises.

3.3 Select the tool according to the geometry of the workpiece, the machining allowance, and the technical and economic indicators of the part

Positive rake angle blade: For internal contour processing, small machine tool processing, poor process system rigidity, and complex workpiece structure shape, you should prefer buoyant blades. Hostile rake angle blade: For external machining, the hostile blade should be preferred when the metal removal rate is high and poor processing conditions. -80° convex triangle, square and 80° diamond blades are commonly used for general external turning; 55°, 35° diamond, and round blades are commonly used for profiling; the rigidity and power of the machine tool are integrated under the premise of taking into account the cutting amount that the tool can withstand If the conditions are significant, the blade with a more prominent nose angle should be selected for large machining allowance and roughing, and vice versa.

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