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The choice of cutting tools and cutting parameters in CNC milling (1)

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CNC milling is a widely used machining method, which can effectively improve the economic and comprehensive benefits of the industry. The cutting amount of the cutting tool is an important factor in CNC machining, and the determination of the cutting amount is of great significance for ensuring the quality of the processing, improving the processing efficiency and reducing the production cost. This article analyzes the selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters in CNC milling.


The main points of CNC milling are as follows: select the appropriate tool, set the processing path, and confirm the total amount of cutting. After confirming the coefficients, the set software program is automatically generated and then real-time programming information is input. In the programming step, the cutting amount and the specification of the selected tool are related to the quality and can be ignored. Choosing the most appropriate cutting amount and ensuring the matching of the tools are the main points in the scope of CNC machining.

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