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The choice of cutting tools and cutting parameters in CNC milling (2)

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Part 1: Process characteristics of CNC milling cutters

From the perspective of tool types, CNC milling includes hole machining and milling tools. Specifically, in processing, the milling process is more complicated. For proper processing, CNC milling is also equipped with various tool types. From the perspective of the structural body, the CNC milling cutter includes three types of tools: integral, inlaid, and unique. From the point of view of the material, it contains alloy carbide, diamond, and high-speed steel tools. It can be divided into flat-end, angle, and ball-end milling cutters in terms of cutting standards. From a processing point of view, CNC machining should fundamentally improve accuracy and ensure the best machining results. At the same time, it is also necessary to reduce incidental tool wear. For CNC machine tools, it is necessary to judge the durability and rigidity of the machine tool and make specific judgments according to the set indicators. Specifically, the specifications of the selected tool should be consistent with the overall tool rigidity, and a tool with a more considerable cutting amount is preferred. Adjust appropriately according to the cutting amount, and select the tool type with the best durability. In machining, it is necessary to judge whether the tool layer suffers from abrasion, which affects the accuracy. If the accuracy is affected, it should be replaced with other tools. Check the deviation of the milling cutter in time, and select the milling cutter with the best durability for processing. This is in line with high-level processing indicators.

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