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What can high precision CNC machining be used for

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At noon in the previous article, we introduced the characteristics of high precision CNC machining. And the reason why the price of this technology is higher than other CNC turning & milling. Some customers may have questions about what industries this technology can be used in?


This processing technology determines that it is destined not to be introduced by ordinary customers. Its service targets are high-tech emerging industries. For example, aerospace, artificial dentistry, artificial prosthetics, medical equipment, and other technology industries. Among them, medical technology is a rapidly developing industry. We can already predict that high precision CNC machining will considerably contribute to the medical field in the future. The customized parts required by the medical industry are getting smaller and smaller, and the requirements for our technology are getting higher and higher. Including the repair of residual limbs, high precision CNC machining can also be helpful. The most precise instrument in the world is the human body. As long as medical technology is still developing, we can improve high precision CNC machining.


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