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What is Computer Numeric Control Turning Turning?

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Computer Numeric Control Turning is a manufacturing process. The abbreviation is CNC turning. Use the rotating method to contact the material and the tool to make various shapes. It is also a subtractive process, which can process many forms. Usually, the processed materials are cylinders, but this method can also process cuboid and hexagonal prisms.


The computer program controls the turret. We installed different cutter heads on the turret. There are a variety of varying cutter heads on the turret to meet different processing needs. We can provide China's top CNC turning services, and our CNC turning centers can meet your various machining needs.


Should a CNC turn center machine your parts? CNC turning centers are usually only suitable for small batch prototypes. If you research and develop new products, CNC turning processing technology is undoubtedly the most suitable choice. Contact us for a quote!

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