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What product is suitable for using the custom CNC machining service ​

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What processing method should I choose for my products? Is my product suitable for CNC processing? Many customers have similar questions. This article will answer some of your doubts.

Because CNC turning is a machining method of rotating cutting materials, the products processed by CNC are smaller and smaller. It means that large parts are difficult to be processed by the CNC machining center.

Usually, the diameter of the material we process cannot exceed 2.5 inches. We use a unique process to process objects larger than 2.5 inches. It will improve the difficulty and cost of processing and reduce the accuracy and stability of processing.

Except for products with large volumes and unique structures, almost all metal processing can use high-precision CNC machining. Moreover, we can say that high precision CNC machining is the most suitable process for metal processing. And we can complete these orders and samples quickly in a short time. Even if it is a particular need, we will try our best to meet it. What are you hesitating about this?

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