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Why are brass CNC parts popular?

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 Brass is a widely used industrial raw material. Products made of brass can be seen in many areas. Brass is a kind of copper-zinc alloy, and the price is relatively high among alloys. So only the more essential parts will be made of brass.


Because of its good physical properties, brass is an irreplaceable raw material in some industries. Brass has the following advantages:

1. The stability of brass is good, and the finished product will not change for a long time.

2. Good wear resistance, not easy to wear, and long service life.

3. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Many heating tubes and coils are made of brass.

4. High strength and specific anti-rust ability.


Because brass is a high-quality industrial raw material, we have many ways to process brass. Brass milling and brass turning are two mainstream processing methods. We can process various types of brass CNC parts according to customer needs due to the sound characteristics of brass itself. After our excellent processing, CNC machining copper parts are widely used in industrial equipment, household appliances, computer communications, and other industries.

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